Services Provided

Labor Staffing Solutions specializes in maintaining a tremendous pool of skilled and general labor candidates that we have personally screened and interviewed. We realize and understand that your business is only as successful as the people behind it.


Labor Staffing Solutions recruits and maintains a large pool of qualified candidates with a wide variety of skills. We utilize numerous online resources and placement centers, as well as sponsored events and personal referrals.

Candidate Screening + Selection

We continually recruit and evaluate candidates for all types of positions. Before joining the Labor Staffing Solutions team, candidates are thoroughly assessed by our placement professionals to determine their personal strengths, individual qualifications, and work experience.


Our screening process begins with a series of questions regarding experience, interests, availability, and expectations. If it is determined that a candidate is a potential employee, a personal interview is scheduled.


Each candidate is personally interviewed to determine the candidate’s abilities, goals, previous training and work experience. Depending on the candidate’s background and interests, appropriate testing is administered.


Each candidate is evaluated on pre-determined skill sets using the Kenexa Prove It computerized system, which includes over 100 labor assessments. Additionally, we may utilize Benett, general labor, or measurement evaluations based on our customer’s needs.


Once the candidate is eligible for placement, an employment reference(s) and criminal background check is performed. If applicable, a drug screen, physical, driving record check, educational background, and licensure is reviewed and/or verified.


After a job order is received and reviewed, our placement professional begins the candidate selection process. When the best candidates are identified, our staff contacts each one, confirming skills, determining availability and reviewing assignment responsibilities. Only after this process is the very best candidate selected and recommended. If a specific customer orientation is required, this will be completed prior to the assignment start.

Performance Monitoring

Evaluation techniques are utilized while the temporary employee is on assignment. An initial arrival call, confirming that the employee arrived safely and on time, and regularly scheduled quality calls, confirming the employee’s performance, are completed throughout the duration of the assignment.

Specialized Invoicing + Reporting

  • Invoicing can be consolidated OR specific to individual departments. 

  • Employee assigned reports are available monthly, quarterly, annually and 'as needed'.

Relationship Management

Regardless of whether we're assisting with the recruitment and placement of a single employee, or we're providing a variety of ongoing services that include on-site visits and after hours counseling, our processes don't stop when a candidate is placed. To truly be a trusted partner for ALL of our clients and customers, the relationship continues! 

Payroll Services

Remove the hassle of dealing with payroll utilizing our convenient solution. With our payroll services, the customer recruits, selects and refers the employee to Labor Staffing Solutions for placement at the customer’s location. Labor Staffing Solutions then pays the employee and the customer is charged an hourly bill rate.

What Are You Waiting For?

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