Additional Work Options

Our Staff recognizes your need for various staffing options, allowing you to supplement your workforce at a moment's notice. Whether your need is long or short term, temporary or direct, Labor Staffing Solutions has the following work options to suit your needs.


The temporary work option allows the employer to hire workers that are recruited, selected, and placed by Entech for a flexible period of time that suits your company’s needs and budgets. For your convenience, Entech then pays the temporary employees and the employer is then subsequently billed by Entech, simplifying your payroll process. 

Temporary to Direct

With this option, temporary employees are recruited, selected and placed by Entech, and are then transitioned into the company payroll at a time that suits your needs, allowing you to remain flexible and ensure that the employee is a good fit. Prior to being transitioned, you will be charged an hourly bill rate and we will handle all payroll responsibilities. Depending on the amount of the amount of time the employee has been on assignment, you may be charged a one-time fee at the point when the employee transitions.


Let us handle your payroll hassles! Streamline your payroll needs and reduce operating costs with our convenient payroll services. Your company can recruit, select, and refer employees to Entech for placement, and we will simply bill you for the employee’s hourly rate, allowing you to focus on your business.


With our direct hire option, Entech will recruit, select, and place the leading candidates in their field and charge you an affordable one-time fee for the service. As part of our service, we supply background checks, screening, and other recruitment hassles. Once hired, you will be responsible for all further payroll responsibilities.

*Indicates that terms can be used interchangeably.