COVID-19 Update:
Labor Staffing Solutions is committed to providing a safe work environment. Entech, along with our clients and customers, have implemented new standards and procedures in order to protect our employees against COVID-19. You will notice new safeguards in place within our lobby and interviewing rooms as well as individual worksite guidelines which will be provided to you prior to starting a new assignment. As it has always been Entech’s focus, we remain committed to our employees by providing excellent service with integrity.

Introducing Labor Staffing Solutions' Blog

A group of business professionals stand smiling and ready to work on hiring new employees.We would like to officially introduce you to our new blog! 

Our blog section will be a place where we add articles relevant to the staffing industry. We believe in trying to help you, our audience, learn about the staffing that we love. Our goal is to give you information we think will be helpful in your life by giving tips we would want. 

Secrets aren’t something that builds trust, so we will try to give you an inside look into what makes our company and our industry work. 

What We Do at Labor Staffing Solutions

Though we have an about page here, we would like to give a quick recap here.

Since 2009, Entech, our parent company, has provided staffing for the Michigan area. Our co-owners Kathy Camara and Amy Gross both bring a wealth of experience in the Human Resources field to this company. 

Services We Provide at Labor Staffing Solutions

Like any business out there, we have to make a living. But we chose this work to help connect people. This work helps job seekers find a new role and also helps companies build out their teams. 

We offer options for:

 Our articles will focus on these areas giving you insights and tips about them. 

How to Get in Touch with Labor Staffing Solutions

If you want to learn more about our company or want to check on what it would be like to work with us, try our number below or go to our contact page.

Staffing Terms Explained!

At Labor Staffing Solutions, we offer a variety of job opportunities to meet the needs of both our clients and our employees. From Temporary to Direct Hire positions, we have the staffing option for you. But as a job seeker or employer, you may be...

Celebrating our History of Strong Women

The history of Labor Staffing Solutions is one of female empowerment. It began with two brave, young women. Entech Personnel Services was for sale back in 2009, and CEO Kathy Camara and President Amy Gross seized the day and became co-owners. They...

Get an Inside Look at Labor Staffing Solutions

Hello, from the team at Labor Staffing Solutions!  We are a leading regional provider of specialized staffing solutions. We recruit, screen, interview, evaluate, and qualify all candidates in preparation of them becoming successful and...